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handmade dog leads and collars


Before we make our leads and collars, each rope is inspected, soaked, brushed and washed thoroughly. We then cut it using a hot knife to a desired length. We make most leads and collars to order, which allows us to offer various length options and limits our waste. 

Our leads are secured using metal clamps for maximum safety of your pup and for a streamlined design with no bulky knots. We pair our leads with high-quality stainless steal clips or aluminium carabiners. 

To make matching collars, we first decore the rope. The outer sheath is then sewn using a specialist polyester thread with high abrasion resistance to create strong seams. We use slightly curved quick release buckles for comfort of your dog and stainless steal D-rings for attaching the lead.

Due to the recycled nature of our materials, some minor fraying or discolouring may occur on our products. This is merely a testament to their previous life, it doesn't affect their functionality, but adds to the charm :) . 


Why climbing ropes are ideal for making dog leads

​1) They're strong to hold a a climber falling from a cliff. Even when retired, they have plenty of strength and life left in them. 

2) They're dynamic, which means they stretch by up to 10% when under tension. So when your dog suddenly pulls, they absorb some of the shock. 

3) They have a very good abrasion resistance.

4) And as a plus, they come in many different, vibrant colours. 

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