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Have a retired rope sitting around?

Donate it and get a lead or collar made from it :). 
All donated ropes will be upcycled to dog accessories. 

A pile of retired climbing ropes

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Post your rope to us or recycle at:


Edgefield Road Industrial Estate, Loanhead, EH20 9TB


How often do climbers replace their ropes?

Climbing ropes need to be replaced regularly for safety reasons. As a general guideline a rope should be retired after 3 - 5 years if it has been used few times to once per month. A lifespan of a rope decreases with more frequent use or with a number and severity of falls. 


It is ultimately upon each climber to decide when to retire a rope for safety reasons. Most manufactures recommend 10 years as the maximum lifespan even if a rope has never been used. 

There are no recycling facilities for old ropes in Scotland. Many climbers would keep them hoping to find some alternative use for them one day. This is how Dyno Dog Gear started, check out our story

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