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Our mission and values

Made to last

We strive to create lead and collars that you and your dog will enjoy for a long time because a sustainable product is one that is made to last.


We pair sturdy ropes with high-quality components, careful design and excellent craftsmanship. Our leads and collars are handmade by us in the Scottish Borders.

Find out how we make them. 

Handmade dog collar, Singer sewing machine
bouldering at Dunkeld


As we’re all aware, there’s no Planet B and unfortunately the pursuit of outdoor sports has its environment toll. And so do our canine companions.

At Dyno Dog Gear, we reduce waste from the outdoor industry and make dog accessories that have lower impact on the planet.  


By upcycling climbing ropes, we create new unique products and keep materials in use for longer, creating a circular economy.

Recycled rope dog collars


Each lead and collar has a story…Climbing Munros, sea cliffs, remote crags.

Each colourway is a limited edition because it’s unlikely that we will ever get two retired ropes in exactly the same colour. 

Sometimes our products bear a testament to their previous life such as minor fraying or discolouring. It doesn't affect their functionality, but adds to the charm :). Shop our collection. 

Dyno | ˈdaɪnou |


1. a dynamic and powerful move in climbing which involves jumping from one hold onto another.


2. an awesome brand of dog gear made from recycled climbing ropes :).  

Meet the founder


Growing up, I was always lucky to have a dog companion but I would have never imagined that one day I will be making gear for them. 

I started Dyno Dog Gear out of a reluctance to throw away my old ropes.  I made my first leads for family and friends but the popularity of upcycled dog gear quickly grew and you can now find them in like-minded shops in Scotland. 


Dyno Dog Gear combines my love for dogs and passion for climbing and the outdoors. With every product you buy from Dyno Dog Gear, you're supporting a small, independent business and one woman's big dream of reducing waste from the outdoor industry. 


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